Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Bonjour mes amis!
So as you all know, I'm attempting to get back into the whole blog shenanigans after my totally stupid break for exams (yawn) but we all also know that I suck at everything and NEVER stick at it,
I know a lot of you see my posts and things, then don't read or give your input which is totally fine I don't care BUT I HOPE YOU PLEASE GIVE ME FEEDBACK ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!
So I was wondering whether to start doing videos instead of blog posts? Or perhaps as well as? I've always really wanted to do vlog posts but I absolutely HATE the sound of my own voice so as soon as I shoot them I delete them right away because eurgh voice
But yeah, if you do see this, please comment or dm me on twitter (emsoyzz) or whatever!
Thanks guys, hopefully posts soon lol I know I suck sorry
see ya later!
em xo

Thursday, 12 June 2014


Bonjour mes amis!
I am back ONCE AGAIN with yet another haul! I swear all I do is spend spend spend... But basically I bought a few items ( and I few more that I forgot to take photos of.. oops! ) and I thought I'd share them with you. Most are things I've bought for my room but I haven't yet got round to finishing my room as money is a little tight right now... maga won't pay for itself! I'll add all the clothing that I've recently bought onto another post tomorrow as I've forgotten to take pictures of it all and I'd rather take pictures of it on me because they look really unflattering on the hangers..

Fountain - £5.99 - B&M
This is actually a lot shittier than I expected. It describes on the box that this fountain gives a relaxing trickling noise, as you'd expect. This fountain does not do that at all. Also, it's broken as the water now isn't actually going through, but the motor is going so I don't know what's happening there... perhaps this was not a good purchase, but it does look pretty

Engraved boxes (x3) - £19.99 - The Range
I absolutely ADORE these boxes. You get three of different sizes, this one being the biggest, and they actually hold a lot more than you'd expect. I keep my random stuff in this one, like pills, lighters, bobbles and body sprays, in the smallest I have tea-lights but right now I don't know what to put in the other one, but whatever! They're super pretty and really could be used for everything.

Large Berry Candle - £3 - Matalan
I love this candle, what can I say - right now I'm totally candle crazy and this smells absolutely divine. It's so lovely and bright and to say how big it is it's really cheap!

Small Incense Holder - £1 - Home Bargains
My mum bought me this after I realised that the buddha one that I bought doesn't hold the incense properly and the ash drops everywhere! This mini one comes with its own tiny incense sticks in the scents vanilla and lavender rose, and the engravings make it super cute.

10 Wildberry Incense Sticks - £2 - Cleopatra, Meadowhall
These sticks are my absolute favourite brand of incense which is exactly why I'm prepared to spend two quid on only ten sticks. I got these in three scents I think, Cotton, Dragon's Blood and Fizzy Pop, which are absolutely delicious! I really love these, they don't smell over powering but give your room a really warm sweet feeling.

Vintage Coca-Cola Tins - 99p each - The Range
I really like these tins, to be honest I just needed something to store my make-up in. One has face make-up and everyday things, like mascara and eye-liner, I have eyeshadows in the other and hair accessories in the other. The only downfall is that they're really easily bent.

Large Jam Jar - £1.39 - The Range
I bought this for obvious reasons

Wooden Elephant - £8.99 - The Range
I really like this but I haven't got a real place to put it - I hopefully will when I get a chest of drawers or a dressing table. It's just really cute and has that naturally distressed sort of look.

White Buddha - £7.99 - The Range
I have an obsession with these right now, I just want my room to have a really naturally chill and calm vibe and I feel like these buddha's will help.

White Buddha Tea-Light Holder - £2.99 - B&M
Again, my obsession is showing! But look how cute he is! Totally deserves a place in my room... I almost bought buddha tea-lights..

Unicorn Ring Holder - £6.00 (SALE) - Urban Outfitters
I bought this actually a really long time ago but I forgot to add it into the other roomy shit that I showed last time. It was originally twelve pounds and I'd been eyeing it up for AGES, I really really love unicorns. So when it was put in the sale I was so so happy and I had to buy it. One thing that did piss me off a little is the glue around the horn, it's really clearly visible even when there is no flash. And if you want to know, all the rings shown are from River Island for about six pounds I think.

Clueless DVD - £2.99 - B&M
Do I really need to explain this! Clueless - an all time favorite film of mine, and it should be for all teen girls! Cher is one of my top fashion inspirations and if I had a whole lotta dosh you know I'd buy coordinates for every outfit every. She looks so totally awesome and this is ddefinitely up there in my top ten teen movies. (Blog post soon)

So yeah, post on my new summer clothes soon, and loads of other stuff that I've got planned
See ya later!
em xo

Sunday, 8 June 2014

HOUSE OF HOLLAND nail review

Bonjour mes amis!
So I found the camera, yay!
Here's my first post now I'm back, it's a review on the House of Holland nail collection (Elegant Touch), specifically focusing on the 'Sweet Tooth' Ice cream nail design.

Basically, I really really love these nails, they're super cute and they last so long, and the collection ranges from a casual yet 'Classy Nude' to 'Zig Zag Stardust'. Some designs are totally crazy and have game boards like monopoly and twister on them, others have 3D polka dots and some are quite tame, but there is definitely a design to suite everyone and every occasion. Personally, I really like the 'Kitty Kitsch' and 'Heart Breaker' designs, but I think my next purchase may be the 'Tie Dye For' set for summer!

So the set that I bought recently was the 'Sweet Tooth' design, although I have bought 'Classy Nude' previously. The nail sets are quite expensive, as you can get a decent Elegant Touch french mani for around £6, but this range are varied from £8 - £9 depending on design. These were £9, but I personally think they were worth it because for a glue-on nail they lasted for a week which is superb, I just had to pull them off for work but they would have lasted a few more days I reckon.

I really love the packaging on this product too, I just think its fun and the instructions tell you exactly what to do so if you're new to false nails then it's fairly easy to understand. I really like the house shaped box too, its just super cute.

This is what you get in the box,  a full set of nails with various sizes and colours, I just really like this design literally everything I buy at the moment has food on, its ridiculous! Yummm
Then there's a little thingy of glue, a little booklet with instructions and details on ingredients and shit, tbf I didn't read it - let's be serious, who does? And a mini nail file to file your nails before application and I used it to file the falsies after just because I didn't like the length.

And this is how they look when they're on, and filed down a little. One thing I do really love about these nails is the stiletto shape, they're totally in fashion and I just think they look really elegant but can look quite sinister with different designs (obvs not these). I just really like these nails, I can't express why because I think it's really just because I like the look of sweet foods, it just explains me really doesn't it!
I would definitely recommend these nails to EVERYONE - they're so fabulous and stay on for AGES, normally one pings off within a couple of days but these were faithful to my hands. PRAISE HOH!

Once again I apologise for my lack of posts over the past couple of months, but thank you to people who didn't unfollow me and read my posts.
See ya later!
- em xo

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

I'm back!

I'm back, praise the lord I can finally do my own shit now that exams are over! *sigh of relief*
There is one slight problem.. I appear to have lost my mums camera...
So posts might not be super soon but I PROMISE I have stuff lined up and hopefully it won't be too long until I get my shit together, find the camera and start posting!
I totally miss (attempting) posts so hopefully I'll get the babyskin review up, a few make-up tutorials, and start making videos! Goodness I can't wait.
I hopefully want to review my favourite TV series, like Orphan Black, American Horror Story and stuff like that because it's just kinda interesting, right????? yes.
SOOOOOOO sorry for not posting and sorry for not having a propeer post and totally sorry for losing my camera but I will find it and I will post and I will start a youtube channel and it will be awesome and yay!
so love you guys and I hope you'll start to look at my posts again :(
see ya later!
- emily xo

Monday, 24 March 2014

Miss Manga mascara review

Bonjour mes amis!
Since i have a little smidgen of free time, i thought I'd do a quick review of the Mega Volume Miss Manga mascara by L'Oreal Paris.

I was really excited about buying this product because the advertisement looks really cool and I never really stray from my usual cheapo mascara. But I bought it and the packaging is really pretty.

 So, what I didn't realise is that the wand is very bendy, so it tends to stay on your lash as you bring it up, which I don't see the point of, because as I soon noticed, you splash mascara over your cheeks. Also, it can make your eyelashes clump up, which I don't tend to like. However, if you spend a bit more time and wiggle it on your lashes, you get the effect above. This is as close to manga eyes as you're ever going to get without falsies and to be fair, I quite like it. Now I've used it more, I actually like this thick effect it gives your lashes by grouping them. Not v affective on the lowers, though.

All in all, I'd give this product a 3.9/5 :)

See ya later!
em xo

Sunday, 16 March 2014


Bonjour mes amis!
Okay I haven't posted for so so so long and although nobody's really bothered, if there are a few people who liked to look daily at my post then I apologise. It's been a ridiculous amount of time but at the minute I'm really struggling with school so posts are going to be super rare until after may when our exams are finished. I have actually taken photos for a babyskin review and a manga eyes review but I just havent got round to finding the lead to my camera...
totally sorry :( bye guys

emily xo

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Liebster award!

Bonjour mes amis!
So, I've been nominated! Whaaaaaaay, Liebster Award, which is lovely but it's by my best friend so it really doesn't count but whatever, I'll still answer, so here are my questionsssss

1. What's your full name?
Emily Jayne Sawyer

2. Name the top 5 places you'd love to visit, anywhere in the world.
Japan (like Tokyo or something), Paris, Magaluf (hahaha), Florida and California

3. Favourite hair product?
I never really use hair products so... probably my batiste dry shampoo, it's a lifesaver for the-morning-after haha

4. Favourite book/series of books?
At the moment, the Hunger Games. I really love The Great Gatsby and we're reading it for school so thats coolio

5. What do you work as/what do you want to work as?
I work at McDonalds at the minute on front counter but I actually want to be a secondary school English teacher
6. What type of blog posts do you find the most interesting?
well beauty posts mainly, obviously, but I also really just like reading about what people have done in the day or things that they've bought, not just make-up or clothes.

7. Favourite takeaway?
definitely chinese

8. Who's your inspiration?
I adore Cara Delevingne and her style and also Bunny (grav3yardgirl on youtube)

9. What's your favourite song?
This changes aaall the time, like constantly, but at the moment its a tie between Pressure by Chase & Status, or #GETITRIGHT by Miley Cyrus

10. Are you a cat or a dog person?
Definitely a dog person, I've never got along with cats to  be fair

11. Do you like junk food? 
I really do which is exactly why im switching between a size twelve and a ten.

I also got tagged by the lovely A, who set these questions
1) Coffee or tea?
Coffee, I hate hate hate tea. Apart from bubble tea :))))
2) If you were given a million bucks and given the option to have it now or later, which would you choose and why?
Now, because I could invest in something that would produce more money for later in life.
3) If you could spend a month living in any place you want and with one other person of your choice, where would it be and with who?
Florida definitely, but I don't have a clue who it'd be with.

4) Name the last 5 songs you listened to
#GETITRIGHT - Miley Cyrus
Decisions - Borgore and Miley Cyrus
White Noise - Disclosure
Summertime - Kreayshawn
Lose Control - Missy Elliott

5) Which Disney character do you best relate to?
Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Several reasons taht I won't go in to.

6) A train is leaving Point A at 1:00 pm at 60 mph, headed towards Point C. At Point B, a bus is leaving at 3:00 pm at 70 mph and headed towards Point C. All the passengers from both Points need to make it to the airport at Point C and catch a flight that leaves at 5:00 pm. What is your favorite memory from elementary school? Haha I got you guys there!!
Ahahaha, Right now all I can think of is one of my teachers calling me a freak and going on a trip to Thornbridge

7) What is one of your biggest pet peeves and why?
Liars, my boyfriend lies alllllll the time over stupid things, and its blatantly obvious. Why lie!
8) If you could only eat one food/dish for the rest of your life what would it be?
Pasta with chicken and chorizo

9) What is your dream job and why?
An actress, I love acting and I was pretty good at it before I stopped drama and took art at GCSE.

10) If you could have a lifetime supply of something, what would it be?
Fanta/Tango. Best drink everrrr

11) If you could have your own talk show, star in a hit TV show, or be in a movie of your life, which would it be?
Deffo the hit TV show! Much more creative and would be so fun!

so, i know you're meant to tag 11 people but I just can't, so here are my favourite blogs
Alice, Emily Isobel, Sophie, Jenny, and Lizzie (she has more than 200 followers but her blog is too good to not include)
I know a lot of people have already been tagged in the Liebster Award so if you don't want to do it, coolio, but make sure you follow those blogs cos they're ace!
Here are my questions for you!
1. Full name and birthday
2. Your favourite hobby, other than blogging
3. Favourite tv show
4. One place you'd really love to visit and why
5. Who's your inspiration?
6. Favourite blogger at the moment
7. If you could have one three course meal to live off for the rest of your life, what would it be?
8. What is your favourite item of clothing?
9. Biggest pet hate?
10. Favourite band/artist?
11. One memory that means the world to you?

Sorry this is a super short post and there's been extreme lack of posts this week too! I'm really busy at the moment with revision, coursework and McDonalds, especially this past few days. Hopefully after this week I'll be able to post a lot more :)
see ya later e xo

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Drugstore Haul, phone case and piercing!

Bonjour mes amis!
So Friday, before a friend's birthday meal and another friend's party, I popped to town to see if I could find an outfit and to get some more makeup. Sadly, I am still losing the war on clothes and I soon gave up after looking in Ark, New Look and Topshop.
BUT, I always have a little money for make-up, and since it was 3-for-2 in Boots, why the hell not?
PS- Ignore my horrific nails, they look much worse than usual.

Colourburst Matte Balm - £7.99 - Revlon
I really love this product, I read Isobel's blog post on this and as I'd seen her wearing it, I thought I'd have to at least give it a go. So I got this in 'shameless', and on the lips it's similar to the Kate lipstick I have, but I have lost that so, never mind. It stays really well and doesn't feel sticky or dry out the lip. 

Baby Skin - £7.99 - Maybelline
I won't write much on this because I'm hoping to do a review, but I love this and I'd read so many posts praising this product that I had to buy it.

Miss Manga Mascara - £8.99 - L'Oreal
I'm not going to lie, I don't really like this or think its worth the nine quid, the bendy brush is way too bendy and makes you splash mascara all over your face, I'll continue to use it to really see, but I don't recommend.

Case and Piercing - ... - The Owl & The Pussycat, The Forum in Sheffield
There's a story behind the case and the piercing. Basically, I ordered the case before Christmas, and lovely Lisa, who makes them and owns her beautiful little piercing shop, said that since she had so many to make it was likely that it would be after Christmas. So I emailed her after Christmas asking the progress and seeing when it was likely to be done, and she was in the process of making the case when disaster struck! The case wasn't the same plastic as the other cases she makes, and so once it dried, everything just peeled right off it! So we had to wait for another case to arrive, and also a special glue, and then Lisa made it again offering it to me for free and also a free piercing. I actually wanted a microdermal or my tongue piercing but I couldn't have them because of work. I thought my belly button would be best because it could also be a little inspiration for me to get thin for the summer, wooo. So since it's taken 2 and a half months-ish to get the case made I'm super happy with the result. HOWEVER - the case is still a weird material and so the edges have started peeling already. I've emailed to see if there's anything I can do without taking it back, don't want to be too much of a bothered since my phone has caused so much hassle.
Also, I have a wonky belly button, the piercing looks wonky because of this, haha oops!

Click here to go to Lisa's tumblr where you can see her work!

SO there you have it. I meant to post it Friday before I went out but I couldn't, and Saturday I worked all day, so sorry about that..
see ya later!
em xo

Monday, 17 February 2014

Room objects

Bonjour mes amis!
I'm so so sorry that I am a shit blogger and I always post late, but hey-ho!
I reckon I'm gonna try and blog every two days, but I suck so if they're late posts I apologise.
So here is my room objects post, finally. Basically, I'm meant to be having my room re-decorated and these are the little bits that I've bought to pop around when it's finished. The theme of my room is going to be very neutral, with the main feature wall with a mural of a forest/woods. Super tranquil n stuff.

I'll pop them up and just write what they are, where from and the prices. There's not much else I can say really.

White Rose Tree LED light - £12.99 - The Range

3D Wolves pictures - £8.99 - Unknown
I got these as a Christmas present, but the prices were left accidentally on the back of the pictures. I'm not sure where they were from.

Hanging Heart Tea-light Holder - £6.99 - B&M

Bird Cage Tea-Light Holder - £6.99 - B&M

Shutter Mirror - £14.99 ? - The Range
I can't remember the price of this because it was a gift from my mum, and it also comes in a larger size. This one I'm sure is between £15-£20

Green Fairy Lights - £4.99 - B&M

TINDRA Candles in Apple and Passion fruit(?) - 95p - IKEA 

Glass Jars - 3 for £3 - B&M

Flower Tea-lights - £6.99 - Urban Outfitters

Fake Ivy - £1.50 - The Range

Shattered Glass Candles - Unknown
These were also a Christmas present, the price and shop are unknown.

Peach Lid Candle - ? - IKEA
I just found this in the middle of the shop and chucked it into our bag, I never looked onto the reciept to see the price but I'm sure it wouldn't be much more than the other two IKEA candles.

So I hope you enjoyed having a look at the stuff I bought for my room. It's relatively cheap stuff too, and the candles smell really lovely, I have an obsession. For the tea-light holders, I bought about 40 tea-lights from IKEA in a berry scent for about a pound. I love IKEA so much.

See ya later, hopefully there will be a review of the wig, and also a UNIF dupes post soon!
em xo

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Primark haul

Bonjour mes amis!
I actually wrote this post last night but I forgot to publish so it just saved as a draft.
Also, NEWS the wig has arrived! Yay! I also ordered another one last night, which was foolish of me as I don't eve know if I'll like this one, but whatever. I also have tonsillitis for the first time (which is odd for my age) so I totally feel pooey. The house objects thingy should be up tomorrow too so yayyyy

As I wrote the other day, I had a complete breakdown over my weight and so that concluded in my lovely mother whisking me off to shop for clothes that would actually fit my forever changing body.
So we spent around £100 in Primark, and we also got other things from different stores that I'll pop at the end. I'd also like to point out that I can't be bothered to get up and look at the prices so they are approximate :))))) sorry

These were about £12 each I think, and I got them in a size 10 and 12 (for my fatter days). I tried them on in the 10 and really liked them, especially rolled up at the bottom. I think they'd look super cute with a pair of docs or maybe nikes in the summer, just because they're easy to move about in but still skinny. I tend to pop to town and skateparks in the summer so these will be perfect to shove on. The little rips in them are really nice too, although they're the same on every pair they look really natural.

This was about £7 I think, I bought this in the lilac colour because it was the only colour that would look right with my stupidly bright hair. There was a lovely turquoise colour, and also a horrifically dirty-looking shit pink. It feels really nice and soft, which is unexpected as I thought it'd be quite itchy. Although I have only worn it for about five minutes in the changing room so I'll keep you posted.

Never Too Sweet Over-sized T-shirt 
This shirt is a size 12 because I really like my t-shirts to be baggy and comfortable, avoiding self-consciousness when sat down or in public. At the minute I'm obsessed with the kawaii sort of style, and candy and cakes, things like that. I think the colours just all look really cute together. I really love this t-shirt anyway, and at about £6 it was super good value. But it could have actually been more expensive, around £9... I'm not sure...

See-through Over-sized T-shirt
So many hyphens. Anyway, again, I got this t-shirt in a size 12 for the same reasons, and the black strips are slightly see-through. I don't think it's as drastic as the image though because I had to use flash to get it to show up. I bought this for casual house parties and things like that, I thought it was a little unusual and the colours are lovely and bright.

Donuts & Ice Cream T-shirts
The donuts t-shirt (once again bought for the colours and the kawaii thing) was a size 12 again, but because this t-shirt was a little bit smaller-looking than the others. I wasn't sure whether to buy it or not, as the rolled sleeves come really far up the arm and slant over the shoulder and pit a bit awkwardly. But my mama persuaded me. The ice-cream shirt was actually a size 16 or something like that, because they were all tiny.

Flowery cropped shirt (excuse the hand with pen on)
I really like this shirt, and I think it was around £12. It is cropped so if you were wanting to tuck it into jeans they'd have to be high waisted, or it'd hang over. It comes to around my hipbones, I don't know who it'd be for someone else. I thought the colours in the flowers contrasted really nicely with the green on the leaves and the minimalist background design, and the little clip-on necklace thing is really cute, and removable. I just think it'd look super cute with a nice pair of jeans or shorts.

Coat - £40 £28 Peacocks 
I finally got one of these coats! Buzzing! I was thinking it'd look really nice with the jeans from above, a white t-shirt, and Docs or the quite shoes below. I was so excited for this and at only £28 it was a bargain!

I got these shoes at the same time as all the Primark clothing, from Garage Shoes for £18. They look really cute with frilly socks n stuff, yay! Such a bargain too, and really comfy.

So I hope you liked my little haul that finally relieved me from stressing over the fact I have nothing to wear.
I'm off to let someone prod my tonsils! See ya later!
em xo

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

graze box, yay!

Bonjour mes amis!
My graze box has arrived on time, woo! Thanks Mr. Postman!
I got my graze box last night, but I wanted to save the snack tasting for today!
So I'd already looked online at what they'd sent me so I knew exactly what I was getting - totally ruined the surprise for myself. But when my mum brought it home (I have it posted to her work) I was buzzing!

If you want to try Graze (for free) use my friend code.

I opened the carrot cake because this is what I was most excited for. I already knew I liked carrot cake but at only 82 calories I thought it might taste a bit shit. You know, healthy and gross? 
You get a little tea bag as well of 'Afternoon Infusion' which is basically just a normal tea bag, but I don't like tea so I chucked it at someone in my English Lang class this morning. I'm guessing it'd be quite nice for a tea-lover. I smelt the little cake first and I'm not gonna lie, it smelt like soil. Pure soil. I didn't expect it to have raisins either, but to say it had raisins, I really really liked it, I thought it was completely délicieux. A favourite out of my four little punnets.

I then had the pistachios because I was super hungry after thinking about all the revision I should have been doing in my afternoon full of free periods. My friend Hannah always brings pistachios so I knew I liked them a little bit but they weren't a favorite, much rather have a nice salted peanut. But anyway, I nommed on them fondly and they were a super cute snack for the day but to be honest, I don't think I'll be super happy if I get them in my next box.

I was kind of wary of Cheddar gorge, because I don't like cheese. I didn't think it'd be actually cheesy on the cashews but it is and they tasted horrid. The salsa corn sticks were really nice though, they tasted a bit like doritos, and the herb crackers were a bit strange but again, really nice.

I haven't eaten the popcorn yet, but I'm hoping the 'lightly salted' thing isn't actually 'hardly-any-salt-at-all' because if they taste boring i'll be really disappointed.

All in all, I'm pleased with my first Graze box. Remember, if you want to try Graze use my friend code to get your 1st, 5th and 10th box for free. :)
See ya later
em xo