Sunday, 8 June 2014

HOUSE OF HOLLAND nail review

Bonjour mes amis!
So I found the camera, yay!
Here's my first post now I'm back, it's a review on the House of Holland nail collection (Elegant Touch), specifically focusing on the 'Sweet Tooth' Ice cream nail design.

Basically, I really really love these nails, they're super cute and they last so long, and the collection ranges from a casual yet 'Classy Nude' to 'Zig Zag Stardust'. Some designs are totally crazy and have game boards like monopoly and twister on them, others have 3D polka dots and some are quite tame, but there is definitely a design to suite everyone and every occasion. Personally, I really like the 'Kitty Kitsch' and 'Heart Breaker' designs, but I think my next purchase may be the 'Tie Dye For' set for summer!

So the set that I bought recently was the 'Sweet Tooth' design, although I have bought 'Classy Nude' previously. The nail sets are quite expensive, as you can get a decent Elegant Touch french mani for around £6, but this range are varied from £8 - £9 depending on design. These were £9, but I personally think they were worth it because for a glue-on nail they lasted for a week which is superb, I just had to pull them off for work but they would have lasted a few more days I reckon.

I really love the packaging on this product too, I just think its fun and the instructions tell you exactly what to do so if you're new to false nails then it's fairly easy to understand. I really like the house shaped box too, its just super cute.

This is what you get in the box,  a full set of nails with various sizes and colours, I just really like this design literally everything I buy at the moment has food on, its ridiculous! Yummm
Then there's a little thingy of glue, a little booklet with instructions and details on ingredients and shit, tbf I didn't read it - let's be serious, who does? And a mini nail file to file your nails before application and I used it to file the falsies after just because I didn't like the length.

And this is how they look when they're on, and filed down a little. One thing I do really love about these nails is the stiletto shape, they're totally in fashion and I just think they look really elegant but can look quite sinister with different designs (obvs not these). I just really like these nails, I can't express why because I think it's really just because I like the look of sweet foods, it just explains me really doesn't it!
I would definitely recommend these nails to EVERYONE - they're so fabulous and stay on for AGES, normally one pings off within a couple of days but these were faithful to my hands. PRAISE HOH!

Once again I apologise for my lack of posts over the past couple of months, but thank you to people who didn't unfollow me and read my posts.
See ya later!
- em xo

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