Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Bonjour mes amis!
So as you all know, I'm attempting to get back into the whole blog shenanigans after my totally stupid break for exams (yawn) but we all also know that I suck at everything and NEVER stick at it,
I know a lot of you see my posts and things, then don't read or give your input which is totally fine I don't care BUT I HOPE YOU PLEASE GIVE ME FEEDBACK ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!
So I was wondering whether to start doing videos instead of blog posts? Or perhaps as well as? I've always really wanted to do vlog posts but I absolutely HATE the sound of my own voice so as soon as I shoot them I delete them right away because eurgh voice
But yeah, if you do see this, please comment or dm me on twitter (emsoyzz) or whatever!
Thanks guys, hopefully posts soon lol I know I suck sorry
see ya later!
em xo

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