Friday, 31 January 2014

Drugstore haul!

Bonjour mes amis!
First proper blog post! Ooo exciting stuff.  NEW PURCHASES... oof my favourite phrase. I really, really love shopping, as I'm sure all of you do too. I've been on a little spree today with Isobel (she bought much more than I did!) and I've gathered a few items that I've bought recently and absolutely adore so far! Lets just say my bank account has a little hole where the money should be.. I apologise greatly, before you see the photos, that they weren't taken in natural light and so they kinda sucks. Booo winter nights, booooo.
Anyway, I've been wanting a few of these products for a while, and over the past week I've finally bought them and had a little try with them. If you want a more in-depth review about any of the products let me know! (Please ignore the camera strap)

So, onto today's purchases!

1. Big Eyes by Eyestudio - Maybelline £4.99
So this was really an impulse buy, as I was trying to decide between this or the 24HR Colour Tattoo, but I really liked these shadows because they're very pigmented and bright - and cheap! I like bright shadows, although I don't wear them very often and if I'm completely honest, I don't know when I'll wear this , but whatever! Who cares! The colours are pretty and bright, and I'm sure I'll find some way to wear them.

2. Khol Pencil in 23 - Barry M £2.99
3. Eyebrow Definer Lasting Colour in 1 Black - Collection £1.99(?)
I haven't tried the pink khol pencil yet as I only bought it today, but I'm super excited to use it! It's taken me ages to find a pencil that I could use for my brows that would match my pink hair and VOILA! Found one today! I'll let you know how it goes. Now, the black eyebrow definer, I have to say, I don't like very much at all. It's not a pencil and so to make the end sharp you have to roll it around. I don't know, I just don't like it. But I do like it as a lip liner for my black lipstick so I'll just use it as that.

(order according to swatches)
4. Lasting Finish by Kate in 16 - Rimmel £5.49
5. Moisture Renew in 360 'As You Want Victoria' - Rimmel £6.49
6. Moisture Renew in 180 'Vintage Pink' - Rimmel £6.49
I bought all these lipsticks from Boots on a '3-for-2' offer because I was on the search initially for a lipstick just a little darker than my natural lip colour (180). I really adore these lipsticks, especially the Lasting Finish in 16, I really love the colours and they really last. They only need a little touching up over the day so are perfect for college or when you're on the go and super busy with stuff.

7. Smoothie Star Body Milk - Soap & Glory 
This was a gift so I'm not totally sure of the price, but I love all Soap & Glory products and at the moment, this is my fave! It's such a good moisturizer to quickly rub on after the shower or bath and it makes your legs super soft and gets rid of dry spots. HOWEVER, I wouldn't recommend this for someone who wants to moisturize their legs before going out as it does give them an odd shine which kinda makes your legs look a little greasy. But pop it on the night before and it's ace for smoothie-smooth legs!

 8. L'Oreal Paris Studio Line #TXT Wave Creating Spray £3.79
So I bought this because I really wanted a salt spray that would create messy waves in my hair like when you go to beach, without the hassle of trekking down to Skeggy with a bucket and washing my hair in the pooey sea. I'd used another product (L'Oreal Paris Studio Line Matt and Messy: Salt Spray) and it sucked. The results from my first try are shown below, and to be honest I was rushing so I don't know how the results will be when i try again. My only criticism is that it made my hair completely dry but the roots were left looking greasy. 

9. Hand Food - Soap & Glory
Straight up fabuleux! I got this also as a late Christmas pressie so once again, clueless of the price!
The smell of this is absolutely divine, mmmmm. But I always manage to put too much on my hands..
Such a great hand softener, second favorite S&G product right now!

Cheers for taking a look at my post, let me know if you want anything expanding on!

em xo

Thursday, 30 January 2014


I thought i'd better introduce myself before I throw myself head first into blogging and what not,
So bonjour mes amis! 
I'm Emily, I'm sixteen and I live somewhere in Yorkshire, sporting a rather fetching McDonald's cap on a Saturday. I study English Language, English Literature, Psychology and History at A-Level and I'm not going to lie, I proper hate it but whatever. It's ridiculously boring and actually a quite a jump from GCSE so good lord, it could turn out disastrously.
Basically, I've wanted a blog for ages and I dabbled in a bit of Tumblr and other things, but I came to the decision that blogging would be fun and I can do it and I WILL KEEP IT UP. Inspired by (a wide variation) of bloggers from Zoella to Grav3yardgirl (and of course my best friend who just started out, Isobel) , I'm going to do it, I swear, I'll work something out.I don't know what it'll be, but right now I'm thinking beauty. I like doing my make-up more than actually going out sometimes, getting ready is the best bit! It could just turn into a bloggy blog, but who knows. YOLO and all that. Hahahah dear lord.
 Anyway, there's a few points that are quite important that I'll just pop in here,
NUMERO UNO - I totally change overnight. Sometimes I go through super girly stages where I like pink and lilac and everything needs to be pretty and cute and aw. THEN I have my other days where I wear lots of black and huge platforms and dark lipsticks and stuff.
TWO - I like really weird things. A lot of the time I really like things that nobody else does and I'll post them on here so. Sorry in advance.
C - I ramble, as you can probably tell. I lose focus super easy so a lot of the time, if I attempt to multi-task, i'll end up doing really ramble-y posts like this. And sometimes I swear... In my defense I didn't plan this in advance..

So yeah! DIVE IN WITH ME because I don't have a clue what I'm doing and I'll need all the help I can get...

emily xo